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In 1918, our family launched Bowman Gas Co. to provide reliable, high-quality, and affordable service for local propane needs. While we've competed with larger competitors and set ourselves apart with on-call support, “saying it with service” comes from a long history of hard work and recognizing how our customers help us get ahead.

We support your needs with exclusive offers like:

Budget Payment Plans

Based on your previous year’s actual (or estimated) gallons, we’ll divide your total cost into 12 affordable monthly payments. Enjoy a convenient, set payment every month, avoid large heating bills, and get a flexible solution to your energy needs.

Auto Fill Service

As part of our auto-fill service, we enter your household into our electronic delivery routing system. This smart tool automatically calculates how often you’ll need deliveries based on the outdoor temperature and your appliances.

Pre-Purchase Program

Pay ahead for winter’s fuel based on your previous year’s usage (or estimated usage for new customers). All pre-purchased gallons must be paid off in full before joining this program.

Bulk Tank Sets

Choose from 325- and 500-gallon bulk tanks available for new sets. Based on an annual rental price alone, you’ll get 50 feet of plastic tube, a regulator, fittings, and labor for a safe installation.

Mark Stesney
Mark Stesney
Quick and professional service. Even on Christmas Eve! Thanks!
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Call Us For Propane Deliveries, Appliance Repairs, and Maintenance Needs

While the choices may seem endless, there’s only one option for smart, cost-effective, and reliable clean energy solutions. Get a quote from your local propane supplier and get the best service (and value) for your money.

Service Area:
Central UP
Phone: (906) 283-3443
Email: bowmangas@centurytel.net